Terminology and resource harmonisation

Report on the CLARA researcher training course on integration of terminological language resources across domains and languages, held on 13-17 September 2010 at NHH in Bergen, Norway

The Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication at NHH, in cooperation with Tilde, organized and hosted a one-week PhD training course on methods and technologies for consolidating and integrating terminological resources across domains and languages.


  • Rita Temmerman, CVC, Erasmushogeschool Brussel (BE) and Visiting Scientist to NHH in CLARA
  • Stefan Geissler, Temis (DE)
  • Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School (DK)
  • Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Tilde (LV)
  • Bolette Sandford Pedersen, UCPH (DK)
  • Kara Warburton, ISO TC37 (CA)
  • Henrik Nilsson, TNC (SE)
  • Marita Kristiansen, NHH (NO)

Presentations from the course


Download the final programme.


A compendium offered preparatory reading for attending researchers.

Download the compendium.

Aim and focus

This research training course has aimed to address theoretical, methodological, technological and linguistic issues relevant for state-of-the-art terminology work, including multilingual perspectives, terminological variation, corpus-based term extraction and ontology-based domain recognition. There has been a special focus on the consolidation and integration of existing terminological language resources. This focus is particularly relevant in light of coordinated efforts such as the EuroTermBank and CLARIN, but various other initiatives and projects were also discussed.

Course participants learned about theoretical and technical aspects, and were given advanced training in a variety of relevant topics. Theorietical aspects included a) the organization of knowledge and its representation in structured databases, b) classification of domains and sub-domains, c) methods for investigating domain classification across termbases. Technological aspects included a) knowledge of existing termbases and their formats, b) knowledge of existing terminological standards and metadata schemes; c) corpus-based term extraction technology; d) multilingual integration and interoperability.

Research Training

This PhD level course was part of the thematic training programme offered by the Marie Curie ITN project CLARA. The course consisted of lectures, discussions, hands-on training activities and thesis and project work. The PhD students had the opportunity to present their projects for discussion with the invited speakers and other course participants.


The course was specifically aimed at early stage researchers pursuing a PhD degree, but was also open for candidates at master and postdoctoral levels. The course was relevant for researchers who were using language resources in their work and who needed training in state-of-the-art tools in terminology and multilingual resources. Participants were expected to have some knowledge about computational aspects, but the course did not require specific programming skills. Candidates affiliated with CLARA through one of its member institutions were given priority.

ECTS Credits

Participation in the course gave 5 ECTS credits for candidates at PhD level who presented their work, and a Diploma was provided. Candidates not presenting were given a Course Attendance Certificate.


The course took place at NHH in Bergen, Norway (map). The main venue was Karl Borch Auditorium for plenary lectures, while auditorium BU 12 was used for hands-on training (map).

Social events

The social programme consisted of a conference dinner, a boat trip and a mountain hike. The conference dinner was held on Thursday 16 September at the restaurant on top of Mount Fløien, 320 m above sea level, with a view of the city and the fjords.

Organising committee

The course was co-organised by NHH’s Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication (Bergen, Norway) and Tilde Language Technologies (Riga, Latvia). The organising committee consisted of Gisle Andersen (NHH, contact person), Marita Kristiansen, Sunniva Whittaker, Sally Tveit, and Tove Skaar (NHH), Andrejs Vasiljevs and Inguna Skadina (Tilde).


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