CHAT workshop

Report on the Workshop on Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology Resources (CHAT), held at Riga, Latvia, on May 11, 2011.

This workshop was a follow-up of the CLARA researcher training course on integration of terminological language resources across domains and languages, held on 13-17 September 2010 at NHH in Bergen, Norway.

It was organized in cooperation between the projects TTC (FP7), CLARA (FP7) and META-NORD (CIP ICT-PSP). The practical organization was by TILDE, Riga, Latvia.


The workshop addressed the important role of terminology in the translation and localization industry, as well as in natural language processing. Different national and international activities have been undertaken to create terminology resources and apply them in computer-assisted and machine translation tools (for example, the TTC project: Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora). Another issue is the consolidation and harmonization of dispersed multilingual terminology resources. An important step towards this direction is the federated approach of providing access to content from multiple data sources, such as EuroTermBank, as well as international activities of providing common language resources and their applications (CLARA) and open linguistic infrastructures (META-NORD: Baltic and Nordic Branch of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure), to serve the needs of industry and research communities in language resources, including terminologies.


The workshop brought together academic and industrial researchers in the area of terminology and attracted young researchers to terminology issues in particular. The workshop also focused on fostering the cooperation between EU projects and research and development activities in the area of terminology, along with sharing experience and discussing recent advances of the application of terminology resources in machine translation and other natural language processing areas and use of terminology resources in the translation and localization industry.

The proceedings of CHAT 2011 workshop are published in the electronic repository of the University of Tartu Library as NEALT Proceedings Series vol. 12.

Programme committee:

Gisle Andersen, Norwegian school of Economics and Business Administration (NHH), Norway; Larisa Belyaeva, Herzen University, Russia; Béatrice Daille, University of Nantes, France; Patrick Drouin, University of Montreal, Canada; Judit Freixa, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain; Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; Tatiana Gornostay, TILDE, Latvia; Marie-Paule Jacques, Stendhal University, France; Barbara Inge Karsch, BIKTerminology, ISO/TC 37 delegate, USA; Marita Kristiansen, NHH, Norway; Inguna Skadiņa, TILDE and Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia, Latvia; Koichi Takeuchi, Okayama University, Japan; Rita Temmerman, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Belgium; Andrejs Vasiljevs, TILDE, Latvia.

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