Scientific meeting 22 March 2010

Minutes of the scientific meeting of March 22, 2010 in Luxembourg.

Place: Jean Monnet Building, meeting room M4 (map)

Time: 9:30 to 12

Meeting participants:

  1. Koenraad de Smedt (UIB)
  2. Annhild Fetveit (UIB)
  3. Victoria Rosén (UIB)
  4. Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde)
  5. Inguna Skadina (Tilde)
  6. Bolette S Pedersen (UCPH)
  7. Núria Bel (UPF)
  8. Krister Lindén (UHEL)
  9. Markéta Lopatková (CUNI)
  10. Gisle Andersen (NHH)
  11. Marita Kristiansen (NHH)
  12. Thomas Koller (MPI)
  13. Tamás Váradi (HASRIL)
  14. Sylvie Guillemin-Lanne (Temis)


  1. Time schedule of events. All training events now have planned times as indicated on the “Training Program” webpage. There does not seem any time conflict between events. Most events (except for the MPI summer school 2010) are held at times when many fellows are active, according to plan.
  2. ECTS credits for events. As a rule of thumb, a full day of teaching, together with preparatory activities, earns one ECTS credit. The credits for each event are indicated on the “Training Program” webpage.
  3. Budget of events. A tentative  budget and cost allocation plan for CLARA events (joint training program and consortium meetings) is approved, subject to possible revision at future meetings of the General Assembly (see also the point on Consortium Agreement). This budget shows that a minimal execution of the joint training program will consume about 1/3 of the consortium grant in Cat. E and F, thus leaving 2/3 for extensions of the joint training program and for local training actions. The budget is based on the following principles:
    1. Transfer of Cat. E and F grant income between beneficiaries will be avoided.  Thus, every beneficiary pays for its own expenses toward the execution of the joint training program and consortium meetings.
    2. Associate partners will invoice beneficiaries according to a plan which aims at a fair balance of of responsibilities and costs proportional to the beneficiaries’ grant income.
  4. Consortium Agreement. The principles of the draft CA, in particular section 7, are approved and the final version will be sent around for signing.
  5. Dissemination: poster and folder. A poster and folder have been designed and printed by the coordinator. They will be distributed at the Language Information Days in Luxembourg. A new version with the logos of all beneficiaries will be printed. These dissemination materials will also be made downloadable from the website.
  6. Progress of recruitment. Recruitment is progressing mostly as planned. MPI has not succeeded in recruiting its ER and will reannounce this position.
  7. Tuning of training programme. Beneficiaries responsible for organizing events will confer with other partners contributing to the events.
  8. Next scientific coordination meeting. The next meeting will be held adjoining the Terminology course in Bergen. This should be a meeting of the General Assembly and the presence of fellows will be requested.
  9. NB: In accordance with the budget and cost allocation plan, Temis invoices NHH and Hasril invoices UHEL for costs related to the present meeting.

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