PCDP template

CLARA Personal Career Development Plan

to be attached as annex to the employment contract;
forms the background for semiannual reports for each CLARA ESR/ER

Name of CLARA fellow:

CLARA researcher category:  Early Stage Researcher  /   Experienced Researcher

CLARA host institution:


Name of Supervisor:


Description of research

Brief (1/2 page) description of research project and major accomplishments expected in CLARA:

Training objectives in CLARA

  1. Research skills and techniques to be acquired:
  2. Complementary skills to be acquired (language and communicative skills, project application and management skills, IPR, ethics and commercial exploitation skills, etc.)

Supervision plan

Name of supervisor(s) and mentors, contact frequency:

Training activities

List of planned/ongoing training activities organised by CLARA and externally:

–  Local training courses and workshops:
–  CLARA-wide thematic courses, summer/winter schools:
–  National and international conferences and workshops:
–  Complementary training and career-building:

  • I will participate at the CLARA Industrial Career Training Course (obligatory)


List of personal milestones (with dates) with respect to research results, development of language resources and tools, theory development, methods, important results etc.

Long-term Career Objectives

Brief description of planned activities and career opportunities after CLARA project ends; date of prospective degree (if relevant); postdoctoral career opportunities

_________________________            _________________________

Date & signature of fellow                               Date & signature of supervisor

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