Mid-term review report and meeting 19 Sep 2011


The CLARA Mid-Term Review Report was submitted by the coordinator on 17 August 2011.

The CLARA mid-term review meeting was held at CAAS, Dubrovnik on 19 September 2011.

At this meeting, all CLARA beneficiaries were represented and all fellows employed at that time attended the meeting (except Mans Hulden, due to illness, and Corina Dima, on parental leave). Two associated partners (Uni Research and U. of Zagreb) were also represented.  The Research Executive Agency representative was Ms. Concepción Perez-Camaras. She was accompanied by an independent expert: Ms. Αθηνά Μαρκαντώνη, Euroscope.

The agenda was as follows:

8:45 Introduction: by the Research Executive Agency Representative and the coordinator.

8:55 Tour de table: Each scientist-in-charge briefly presented their research team and described their role within the network.

9:05 Coordinator’s report: The Coordinator presented the status of the ITN project and the Mid-Term Review Report, covering scientific, training, networking and management aspects (slides).

10:10 Fellows’ individual reports: The fellows presented themselves, their background, their work, their training experiences in the network, and their expectations on the possible impact of the action on their future career.

12:20 Lunch

13:30 Meeting between the Fellows and the REA Representative: The fellows spoke with the REA Representative and the independent expert about their experiences within the network.

14:15 Open discussion.

14:45 Closing

Feedback from REA on the mid-term review report and meeting

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