Some guidelines and links for dissemination:

  • Researchers are contractually obliged to acknowledge the support by the EU through the Marie Curie ITN CLARA in all publications or other media about research from the CLARA grant.
  • All publications on research funded through CLARA must have an acknowledgements section or footnote like the following: This research has received support from the EU 7th Framework Program under a Marie Curie ITN, project CLARA.
  • All presentations, demos etc. on research funded through CLARA must orally mention the CLARA support. Slides, posters and demos can for instance show the CLARA name and the Marie Curie logo.
  • Data such as language resources should have the acknowledgement in the header and the metadata. Software should carry a notice in a startup message, “about” message and documentation when provided.
  • All researcher training activities funded by CLARA must be announced as being part of the CLARA researcher training program. Events are announced under the CLARA name, e.g. CLARA ITN researcher training course on …
  • Downloadable Marie Curie logo
  • Poster A1 size
  • Folder A4 two-sided
CLARA logo medium size

CLARA logo medium size

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