Silvia Necşulescu

Silvia Necşulescu is  appointed as ESR at IULA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra from October, 15 2010 for a period of three years.

Current research

Her research project aims to overcome the problem caused by data sparsity in the automatic development of language resources, based on distributional information. She investigates a method to discover more possible co-occurring words for low-frequent words, besides the co-occurrences existent in corpus. Her approach relies on a similarity measure between words, based on statistical information of the words usage in context. She expects that this measure approves a transfer of context from a frequent word to a low-frequent word.

Education Background

  • 2009-2010: Master Degree specialized in “Web Intelligence”, Université “Jean Monnet” Saint-Etienne, FRANCE
  • 2005-2008: Undergraduate Degree, – Universitatea “Transilvania” Brasov, ROMANIA


  • Silvia Necsulescu, Núria Bel, Muntsa Padró, Montserrat Marimon and Eva Revilla: Towards the Automatic Merging of Language Resources. In  Proceedings of WoLeR 2011. Ljubljana, Slovenia. pdf
  • Muntsa Padró, Núria Bel, Silvia Necsulescu: Towards the Automatic Merging of Lexical Resources:Automatic Mapping. In  Proceedings of RANLP 2011. Hissar, Bulgaria.
  • Silvia Necsulescu: Automatic acquisition of co-occurrences for low frequent words, In Proceedings of RANLP 2011 Student Research Workshop, Hissar, Bulgaria.
  • Muntsa Padró, Núria Bel, Silvia Necsulescu: A Method Towards the Fully Automatic Merging of Lexical Resources. In  Proceedings of LRTS Sharing Workshop 2011, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Contact information

silvia.necsulescu at

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