Mans Hulden

Mans Hulden has successfully completed his period as ER at the University of Helsinki from 1 Dec. 2009 until 31 Nov. 2011, and is currently at The University of Colorado.

His research was in the CLARA subproject Finite-state parsing methods, a cooperative effort between the University of Helsinki and the University of Tübingen. The overall aim of the subproject was to deepen the understanding of these methods and invent new applications for large-scale language processing tasks such as shallow parsing and information extraction. The research has encompassed applications in syntax, including finite-state methods for parsing context-free grammars, constraint grammar and dependency grammars.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 2009; his dissertation was titled Finite-State Machine Construction Methods and Algorithms for Phonology and Morphology. He is also the author of foma, a freely available finite-state toolkit designed for the production of morphological and phonological analyzers and generators.

Apart from his local collaboration with HFST – the Finite State research group at Helsinki, he has collaborated with the IXA research group at the University of The Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain, and other researchers.

Recent work

Hulden, Mans. 2011. Constraint Grammar parsing with left and right sequential finite transducers. Proceedings of FSMNLP 2011. [pdf]

— 2011 (with Iñaki Alegria, Izaskun Etxeberria and Montserrat Maritxalar). Learning word-level dialectal variation as phonological replacement rules using a limited parallel corpus. First Workshop on Algorithms and Resources for Modelling of Dialects and Language Varieties, EMNLP 2011. [pdf]

— 2011 (with Larraitz Uria, Izaskun Etxeberria and Iñaki Alegria). Recursos y métodos de sustitución léxica en las variantes dialectales en Euskera. SEPLN workshop: Workshop on Iberian Cross-Language NLP tasks.

— 2010. Parsing CFGs and PCFGs with a Chomsky-Schützenberger representation. Human Language Technology. Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics. LNAI 6562:151-160. Springer. [pdf].(Conference version).

— 2010 (with Iñaki Alegria, Izaskun Etxeberria and Montserrat Maritxalar). Porting Basque morphological grammars to foma, an open-source tool. LNAI 6062:105-113. Springer.

— 2009. Finite-State Machine Construction Methods and Algorithms for Phonology and Morphology. PhD Thesis, University of Arizona.

— 2009. Fast Approximate String Matching with Finite Automata. Proceedings of SEPLN 2009. [pdf]

— 2009. Revisiting Multi-tape Automata for Semitic Morphological Analysis and Generation. In Proceedings of EACL 2009 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages. [pdf]

— 2009. Foma: a finite-state toolkit and library. In Proceedings of EACL 2009. [pdf]

— 2009. Regular Expressions and Predicate Logic in Finite-State Language Processing. In Piskorski et. al. (Eds) Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 191.

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