Anne-Kathrin Schumann

Anne-Kathrin Schumann was appointed as ESR at Tilde from August 16, 2010. Her research deals with the description and extraction of explanatory and defining sentences for terminographic purposes. Her working languages are German and Russian.

CLARA publications


  • Anne-Kathrin Schumann. Towards the Automated Enrichment of Multilingual Terminology Databases with Knowledge-Rich Contexts – Experiments with Russian EuroTermBank Data. In Tatiana Gornostay, editor, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on the Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology Resources (CHAT 2012), June 2012, Madrid, Spain. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 72, pages 27-34,
  • Anne-Kathrin Schumann. Towards the Automated Enrichment of Multilingual Terminology Databases with Knowledge-Rich Contexts. In A. E. Kibrik et al., editors, Proceedings of the Conference Dialogue 2012, Vol. 1,  May 2012, Bekasovo, Russia. Moscow: Rossijskij Gosudarstvennyj Gumanitarnyj Universitet, pages 559-567 (a description of the Russian and German system).
  • Anne-Kathrin Schumann. Knowledge-Rich Context Extraction and Ranking with KnowPipe. In Nicoletta Calzolari et al., editors, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2012), May 2012, Instanbul, Turkey. Paris: European Language Resources Association (ELRA), pages 3626-3630, (presenting a simple pipeline for extracting Russian KRC candidates and raking them).


  • Anne-Kathrin Schumann. A Bilingual Study of Knowledge-Rich Context Extraction in Russian and German. In Zygmunt Vetulani, editor, Proceedings of the 5th Language and Technology Conference (LTC 2011), November 2011, Poznan, Poland. Poznan: Fundacja Uniwersytetu im. A. Mickiewicza, pages 516-520, 2011. (Russian and German baseline)
  • Anne-Kathrin Schumann. A Case Study of Knowledge-Rich Context Extraction in Russian. In Kyo Kageura, and Pierre Zweigenbaum, editors, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence (TIA 2011), November 2011, Paris, France. Paris: Inalco, pages 143-146, 2011. URL (poster/short paper presenting the Russian baseline)
  • Anne-Kathrin Schumann. Extraction of knowledge-rich contexts in Russian — a study in the automotive domain. In Bolette Sandford Pedersen et al., editors, Proceedings of the 18th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2011), May 2011, Riga, Latvia. NEALT Proceedings Series 11, pages 311–314, 2011. URL (poster/short paper with results of a feasibility study on pattern-based methods in context extraction)

Previous publications:


  • Lost in Comprehension: Syntaxbasierte Verstehensschwierigkeiten im fremdsprachlichen Lesen. In Peter A. Schmitt et al., editors, Translationsforschung. Tagungsberichte der LICTRA (LICTRA 2010), Vol. 2, Mai 2010, Leipzig, Germany. Frankfurt: Lang, 763-778.


  • Stets ein Problem mangelnder Kompetenz? Syntaxbasierte Verstehensschwierigkeiten im fremdsprachlichen Lesen und Erklärungsansätze aus der Parsing-Forschung. trans-kom: Zeitschrift für Translationswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation 3 (2): 173-191.

A final statement on my CLARA fellowship can be found here: Early Stage Researcher_finalStatement.



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