CLARA has no vacancies.

CLARA has filled 19 researcher positions in specific research tasks and for specific durations.  These vacancies have been announced here, on Euraxess and elsewhere, together with instructions on how to apply.  All positions have been subject to strict eligibility criteria which are summarized below. There have been two types of researchers:

  • Early Stage Researcher (ESR): postgraduate without PhD degree and with less than four years of research experience (after obtaining masters diploma or equivalent giving access to PhD studies)
  • Experienced Researcher (ER): researcher with a PhD or at least four years of research experience, but having less than five years of research experience (after obtaining masters diploma or equivalent giving access to PhD studies).

Research experience was measured in full-time equivalents. For instance, if a candidate has done research on a half-time basis over a seven year period, including a half year of parental leave, this counts as three years of research experience.

All positions have implied mobility, that is, were open only to nationals of different countries than the country of the host where they will be appointed (except if the researcher has legally resided and had his/her main activity in a non–Associated third country for at least three of the last four years immediately prior to his/her appointment); also, candidates must not have have resided or carried out their main activity in the country of the host for more than 12 months in the three years prior to their recruitment.

Researchers have received a salary and social benefits which are normal for the country of employment.  Researchers also received additional allowances to compensate for mobility and travel costs.

Vacancies have been announced on this website under Vacancies. They were also announced on Euraxess.  Applications had to be addressed to the employing organization, as indicated in each separate announcement. In addition to general CLARA conditions, local conditions might apply.

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